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No Limits, Only Experiences

Designing a day of Adaptive Scuba Diving offers everyone the opportunity to explore Catalina Island’s stunning kelp forests. Underwater, everyone is equal. It doesn’t matter that you have physical challenges, cognitive or developmental concerns, or need support for stress and anxiety.

Adaptive diving is more of an approach: scuba diving adapts to you and your unique needs and contributes to overall health and wellness. We’ll design your day so that everything flows in your own time, at your own pace. Some adaptive techniques are just more visible than others.

We are committed to cultivating diversity, equality and inclusion, ensuring that everyone is treated with respect, patience, empathy and kindness. Our whole job is to bring you joy!

Discover the Possibilities!

Physical Challenges manifest in many ways

Physical Challenges manifest in many ways.

  • Perhaps you’re worried that an aging body or recent injury might mean that you can’t manage the weight of all the scuba gear. No problem, we’ll carry it for you and help you get it on in the water.
  • Perhaps you’re concerned about wetsuit sizing or going through your air too quickly. We have a wide range of options and can share some techniques for success.
  • Perhaps you need assistance getting to the water, have a prosthetic, vision or hearing condition that needs more flexibility – let us know- we’re here to make your day amazing!

Consider trying Power Scuba! We offer both handheld remotes and tank-mount/ instructor-controlled options.

Concierge diving means that everything is set up and ready to go when you arrive – let’s discuss ahead of time to make sure you’ll have what you need. Shades, mats and chairs are available, and the canopy flaps can provide privacy for changing.

Cognitive and Developmental needs are unique to each diver.

  • Perhaps things need to be repeated or stated more slowly. Because we do only private scuba diving, there’s no rush and your PADI instructor is there to support your needs with patience and greater specificity.
  • There are many ways to explain something – this is your day!
Cognitive and Developmental needs are unique to each diver.
Adaptive Scuba can help cope with Stress and Anxiety

Stress and Anxiety are common in our busy days.

  • It’s been said that scuba diving is similar to meditation, allowing the mind to focus on the sound of breathing and the freedom of basking in the beauty of our underwater world.
  • We all know that exercise is good for our bodies. However, it also increases the release of endorphins benefiting our mental state. Sometimes you just need a hand to hold on to until you get your bearings.
  • Scuba diving is a great form of exercise that helps us feel healthy and happy – while experiencing a magical adventure! There is no better way to totally get away from it all than underwater on Catalina Island.

For certified scuba divers, choose either a half or full day of private diving with any combination of dives, all led by an experienced local pro dedicated to you and your group. Let’s discuss any medical clearances you need.

For uncertified divers, call us to discuss Discover Scuba Diving experiences. Uncertified scuba diving does require medical clearance and diving in the ocean your first time might not be a good fit. Let’s talk!

Lisa is a PADI Master Scuba Diver Trainer with Handicapped Scuba Association training and a distinctive specialty rating in the Psychology of Diving. Learn more