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Continue Your Adventure!


Once you’re a certified diver, expand your knowledge with PADI Specialty scuba diving certification classes on Catalina Island and you’ll find that the opportunities for adventure are endless.

Imagine diving to the recreational limit of 130 feet as a deep diver visiting wrecks? Zoom along to cover more ground with a diver propulsion vehicle (aka scooter) on a longer dive using Nitrox. How about night diving with perfect buoyancy, enabling you to glide along nice and toasty in a dry suit?

Don’t forget, once you’ve earned your PADI Rescue certification and mastered 5 PADI specialty certifications, you can earn your Master Scuba Diver rating – only 2% of divers achieve that distinction!

Together, we’ll create a relationship that fosters your growth as a self-confident, safety-conscious diver, setting and achieving goals, exploring new worlds and unlocking the mysteries found beneath the waves. You purchase a course, but you earn your certification.

Some specialties require Advanced Open Water certification, others are available to anyone Open Water certified and some are even open to non-divers!

Once you’ve earned your Advanced certification, each of your Adventure dives can count toward the Specialty certification in that area.

Give us a call to provide your training records and receive a discount!

Let’s Do This!

Adaptive Support

PADI AWARE Specialist


DAN CPR/ First Aid/ O2 Bundle


Digital Underwater Imaging

AWARE Dive Against Debris

Diver Propulsion Vehicle

Dry Suit

Enriched Air/ Nitrox

AWARE Fish Identification


Peak Performance Buoyancy


Underwater Naturalist

Underwater Navigator


If you don’t see the specialty you’re interested in listed here, that may be because it’s not appropriate for our location, such as Ice, Drift or Altitude Diving. You can visit the PADI website for more information on all available classes. Give us a call to discuss options and recommendations for further training in your specialty of choice.