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Why Choose Us?


If you’ve always been fascinated by the ocean, becoming scuba diving or mermaid certified is the best way to experience the magic and wonder to be found underwater. Your journey will be unique to you – a one-size-fits-all approach just doesn’t fit.

We offer all levels of PADI recreational certification on beautiful Catalina Island, beginning with Open Water scuba certification through 17 specialties, even the opportunity to go Pro! Learn more about the PADI difference.

Together, we’ll create a relationship that fosters your growth as a self-confident, safety-conscious scuba diver, setting and achieving goals, mastering something you never thought you could do in a million years. You purchase a course, but you earn your certification. Let’s make a plan!

Diving as a Family

Scuba Diving is an amazing family opportunity to discover new adventures together – we see grandparents diving with grandchildren all the time! We’ll work with you to better understand your kids’ needs and adapt our teaching style to fit the way they learn.

We invite you to become a PADI parent – you might even be inspiring the environmental leaders of the future!

Our Environmental Commitment

We teach the importance of Ocean Conservation and Sustainability as a core component in every course. As divers, we have the privilege to experience the beauty of underwater world (whether on Catalina Island or internationally) and with that privilege comes a responsibility to protect it.​

Adaptive Diving

We believe in the art of possible: our courses are performance-based, meaning that we modify skill techniques to meet performance requirements by leveraging what individual students can do.

Our holistic approach is different: we celebrate inclusivity and diversity and ensure that everyone is treated with respect, patience, empathy and kindness.

Adaptive Scuba Diving

Mermaid Classes

Have you always felt you were really meant to be a mermaid? We’ve partnered with Catalina Island Mermaids to offer PADI Mermaid classes! We’ve bundled the Basic and Advanced Mermaid programs so you can be a mermaid after just one weekend!

Imagine being one with the ocean, gliding freely around our stunning kelp forests surrounded by dozens of species of fish! Your mermaid tail will sparkle in the light filtering down from the canopy above as you express yourself in a whole new way.

Mermaid Classes

Recreational Scuba Certifications

PADI scuba diving courses build on what you already know, teaching you skills and techniques when you’re ready to learn them.

In your Open Water course, you’ll learn how to be a safe, independent diver – understanding the “why” of each skill so you’ll be able to make informed decisions when your instructor isn’t around to offer guidance.

In Advanced Open Water, you’ll advance your skills to include new kinds of diving in different environments and in Rescue, you’ll learn how to care for other divers around you in case of an emergency.

You can even go all the way through Master Scuba Diver!

Recreational Scuba Certifications - PADI scuba certification

Specialty Certifications

One of the best things about scuba diving is that there’s something for everyone.

Choose from 17 different options including Deep, Night, Wreck, Navigation, Digital Photography, Sidemount – even Diver Propulsion Vehicle and Enriched Air certifications!

Specialty Certifications - PADI scuba certification

Professional Certifications

Ever considered scuba diving as a career? Can you imagine wanting to do your job on your day off?

Going pro might seem like a farfetched dream when you’re just starting out, but it’s more attainable than you might think – honest! Yes, it takes dedication, but we’ll be there for you every step of the way and there are many options to fit your schedule.

Professional Certifications