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Our Gear

We want to provide the highly quality gear possible.  We won’t give you gear to use that we wouldn’t recommend for purchase. That said, there are a lot of great brands out there and some of them have more sustainable practices than others.  We’ve even signed on as a dealer/ reseller for some of them for just that reason!

The vendors we’ve chosen have taken many steps toward sustainability. Things that matter, including using 100% recyclable materials in construction or completely revamped packaging for zero-waste.

Gear & Accessories

Buoyancy Compensation Devices

We provide custom XDEEP Zeos Backplate Wing Integrated BCDs. We are huge XDEEP fans and use their products for our personal gear.  Wings are a little different than the jacket-style you may be accustomed to, but we promise you’ll love them! They are adjustable in minutes to fit every body type, shape and size. Wings inflate on your back instead of squishing you all the way around and keep you in great horizontal trim. The aluminum backplate also allows you to take a few pounds off the amount of weight you usually wear. Plus, with the 38 lbs. of lift you get with a Zeos, you’ll sit much higher out of the water.

XDEEP supports sustainability projects worldwide and has completely revamped their packaging and manufacturing processes, working toward a zero-waste model. We are an authorized XDEEP reseller, so just let us know if you like it and we can order any product for you.

Exposure Gear

Pacific water is considered cold water year-round (upper 50s-low 60s F in winter and upper 60s – low 70s in summer), so you will be wearing a 7mm wetsuit, boots and possibly a hood. We offer Fourth Element Xenos 7mm wetsuits, 3 styles of boots, gloves and short hoods for adults and BARE Manta 7mm wetsuits and boots for kids.

Fourth Element is outstanding in their ocean conservation efforts – the wetsuits are made from recycled materials, and if your suit wears out, you can send it back to be recycled further. Even some of the packaging is made from plants and dissolves in water that is safe to return to the sea. Learn more about their Ocean Positive campaign.

BARE Sports is committed to sustainability and reducing their environmental impact by using eco-friendly materials in their products and supporting ocean conservation efforts.

Dive Computers - Scuba Gear

Dive Computers

We provide Shearwater Peregrine computers for your day of diving. Safety and quality are our primary goals and just like all of our other gear, if it’s not something we’d buy for ourselves we’re not going to rent it to you.

Shearwater is the go-to brand for many Dive Pros (including us!) and this one is perfect for recreational divers. They’re an easy-to-use wrist computer that’s suitable for even the newest diver yet still has a ton of the features that the more advanced models offer. The Peregrine is a simple and easily accessible, full color, multi-gas dive computer with vibration alarms. It can even be set to 10 different languages!

Shearwater’s packaging is eco-friendly with very little waste, and they actively promote the Green Fins initiative. We are an authorized Shearwater dealer, so just let us know if you like it and we can order any product for you. Their customer service is the best we’ve ever seen!

Masks and  Snorkels

We provide a wide range of TUSA masks specifically because of their amazing fit! Everyone’s face size and shape are different, so we provide masks that fit small kids all the way to larger adults.

  • High cheekbones, narrow chin?
  • Round face, broad forehead?
  • Deep smile lines?
  • Low or High volume?
  • Framed or frameless?
  • Black or clear skirt?
  • Peripheral view?
  • Nose purge?

Anything that will make you more comfortable is the way to go – there’s no right or wrong.

We also offer two kinds of snorkels– one from TUSA and one from Fourth Element. All of TUSA’s mask cases are made from recycled materials.


We provide both “recreational” and “technical” fins, both from Fourth Element. Really anyone can use either one for any kind of diving.  The Tech fins are a little more negative (helps with floaty feet!) and are shorter and stiffer.  The Rec fins are lighter but still generate thrust on both the down and upstroke of the fin.  Both come with spring straps to easily get them on and off.

If you’re worried about leg strain, try the Atomic Aquatics split-fin! We have spring straps for these as well.

Fourth Element fins all use recycled, natural and recyclable materials in manufacturing and each pair comes in zero plastic packaging, eliminating plastic waste and reducing impact on the environment.

Atomic is changing their manufacturing materials over time so that they become a “green” product.

Regulators & SPGs

Regulators & SPGs

We provide Atomic Aquatics B2 and Z3 primary second stage regulators with Z2 Octos. The B2 and Z3 both come with swivels which help a ton with jaw strain since you don’t need to bite down so hard and keeps your mouthpiece from rubbing.

Atomic regulators breathe with a natural and controlled air delivery sensation at any depth or breathing rate. Breathing on the surface feels the same as it does during your dive because the regulator adjusts the airflow automatically to compensate for the effects of depth.

Atomic is changing their manufacturing materials over time so that they become a “green” product.

We provide XS Scuba Highland Thin-Line dual scale submersible pressure gauges. With both PSI and Bar measurements, they’re easy to read no matter your preference.  They also glow in the dark for those night dives!

Additional Equipment

Compasses: We provide Oceanic clip-mount swivel compasses to help with your navigation skills.  They have large, easy-to-read markings and are tilt-compensated, which helps when you’re learning how to hold it as you find your way.

Flashlights: We provide XS Scuba LT300 flashlights which put out 1000 lumens of light for both night dives and looking into all those cracks and crevices.


We offer 3 options for tanks: Your standard XS Scuba Aluminum 80s, 63s for our smaller divers and some Faber Steel 80s for larger divers so you don’t have to carry around extra weight.

For your Deep Diving certification classes, you’ll use the XS Scuba Extra Air – Complete Backup Rescue System.

All of our tanks are regularly visually inspected and pass stringent hydrostatic testing.


We offer both soft and coated Sea Pearls lead weights as well as ankle weights (if necessary). If your personal BCD doesn’t have integrated pockets, we provide XS Scuba pocket weight belts for use during your dives.

For divers who need more weight, we provide a DUI harness system that provides for better trim by redistributing the weight.

Coated weights are an environmentally friendly way to keep toxins out of the ocean.


Undersea Scooters

We offer the Lefeet Sea Scooter S1Pro which is lightweight (only about 5 pounds each) and is doubled up on a tray to go even faster!

They use a handheld remote and even in a drysuit it’s speedy and the battery lasts a full dive. You can attach one of our GoPros to the tray for hands-free video too. Try Power Scuba – See more and work less!

We’re also a Lefeet dealer so if you like the scooter, ask us about taking one home!

GoPro Cameras

We offer GoPro Hero 11 Black cameras with a hand-mount (or retractor) and underwater housing, as well as the Backscatter Macromate Mini Underwater Macro Lens Flip System with green-water filters.

The Macro lens helps to focus on the tiny creatures like nudibranchs and the green-water filter clears up that greenish cast for you!  Let’s make some memories!

Underwater Video Memories


Mask Straps: All of our masks have a recycleable custom Trident neoprene strap, both for comfort (no more tangled hair!) and because they help your mask to float if you drop it. We have three styles available for purchase!

Mesh Bags: To mask every dive a cleanup dive, you’ll need a bag to collect debris.  We provide these Trident small mesh bags with a handle that can be easily connected to a D-ring.