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What Our Customers Say

Scuba by Design - Guided Diving Reviews

Guided Diving

Having someone with empathy and so much passion as your dive guide is very rare. She made us feel like family as opposed to just being cattle in a dive group. It’s been 5 months and multiple dive trips since we were in Catalina, and until now, we speak about Lisa and how she influenced us and is a reason we became even more passionate with diving. We want to come back to Catalina and dive with her again soon.

~ Shaharil A.

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Lisa’s knowledge and patience are unbeatable. Both dives we had divers with significant buoyancy issues. She made sure we took our time, and we were all safe. Second dive I had a small panic attack, and she coached/ walked me through it. I’m advanced open water and felt really ashamed, but she made me feel all was good and in control.

~ Kari N

Lisa was fantastic! Very professional, knowledgeable, and attentive. She handled serious events very well, while being fun when the time called for it.

~ Danielle S.

Loved how she took the time to answer questions and give good advice. Love the positive attitude!

~ Tal L.

Very knowledgeable about the island. Explained everything very well. Such good vibes!! Thank you Lisa for all your positive energy, answering all our questions, and your patience. Hope to dive with you again! 

~ Marie L.

Lisa was great for new/ anxious divers!!! 

~ Josh O.

I had a fabulous time diving with Lisa. She was knowledgeable and enthusiastic about diving and the wildlife viewing opportunities. She was also extremely attentive underwater, constantly checking in with us and gauging our air levels. Overall, a great experience. 

~ Danielle T.

Refresher Dives

Refresher Dives

Lisa is AMAZING!!! I needed a scuba refresher since my last dive was before Covid. She was so patient, caring, and made me feel incredibly relaxed. She has an amazing attitude and always gives you the best fun facts about scuba! I learned new things about scuba even though I’m an advanced certified diver. During our dive she even helped another lost diver with a tank falling off their BCD, they couldn’t find their instructor. She then also helped the diver up the steps when their instructor seemed spaced out. It was a complete other company, and she didn’t need to help them at all. She is a ROLE MODEL scuba diver and I highly recommend you take a lesson or a dive with her. Thank you Lisa so much!!

~ Lynn K.

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Lisa was so patient with me even when I continued to panic flooding my mask. We just kept working on it. Hurrah!

~ Kitty H.

I really appreciate Lisa’s patience and support throughout my dive. I did not feel judged even though I did a lot of self-judging, so she helped a lot. Thank you so much!

~ Sabrina C.

Thank you so much Lisa! You were such a patient and kind instructor. Just what we needed for our refresher dive.

~ Mizuho R.

Lisa was great and gave a very comprehensive refresher plus she was just a pleasure to dive with!

~ Sebastian M.

Brilliant dive and Lisa is a phenomenal and most knowledgeable instructor!

~ Pamela D.

Discover Scuba Diving

Discover Scuba Diving

Great experience, discovered about ourself that we can do things which we didn’t think we could.

~ Bibek S.

Lisa made the experience calming and so much fun! She was great at explaining and listening and walking through each step. Such an amazing experience! Would recommend 10/10!!

~ Benjamin P.

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Lisa was amazing!! She made our first experience a BREEZE! She made us so incredibly comfortable!!! We had an amazing time and we learned so much!! We cannot wait to come back and learn more with Ms. Lisa!!

~ Jenea L.

Lisa was such a sweetheart. Not only she helped me and boosted my confidence but also she made me enjoy snorkeling on my OWN even though I said that I don’t know swimming well. Such a pure intention to help others.

~ Vineeth A.

Great experience, and very knowledgeable instructor. She really calmed us down.

~ Pooya E.

Lisa is amazing!! She is a vibrant and calming soul. Clear and concise. Great instructor! We had a great time.

~ Tai H.

Lisa was the best instructor we could’ve ever asked for. I would dive again only if she was the instructor. She was awesome.

~ Jacklynn J.

Amazing experience with a dependable instructor. Great dive for a first timer! Cheers!

~ Abhinay B.

Certification Classes

Certification Classes

Two weeks ago, I started my Open Water Diving Certification and Lisa was my instructor. It was much harder than I anticipated, and I was very overwhelmed and frustrated with myself, but Lisa was very patient and helped me get through it. It wasn’t easy but she stuck by me and never gave up on me. Even though it took me longer than the average person, Lisa never gave up and she was very helpful by trying to give me various techniques to be able to perform the skills. By the time I was finished, I had gained a lot of confidence in myself and in my skills. Lisa took me from thinking that I wouldn’t go any further once I finished, to an attitude that I will go further and get my next certification.

~ Vicki C.

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Lisa was the ultimate professional, patient, credible and people person. This course wouldn’t have been successful without her people/ psychology of learning skills. Thanks so much.

~ Mike R.

Lisa was great! We had a small group with different ages and experience levels, and she gave individual attention based on all our specific needs. Thanks!!

~ Julia M.

Can’t recommend or commend Lisa enough for her instructor skills. Our AOW course and scuba vacation were nearly a bust without her patience/ professionalism. Beautiful diving. We’ll be back again.

~ Anne K.

Lisa is incredible. So calm, so skilled, and we trust her with our lives! Thanks for showing us such a great time!!

~ Emilie V.

Mermaid Experiences Scuba by Design Reviews

Mermaid Experiences

I had so much fun becoming a mermaid on my vacation to Catalina Island! Becoming a mermaid and having someone make you feel beautiful and majestic is an experience like none other. Elaina was very friendly and helpful. There were several beautiful tails I could choose from.

~ Jenny T.

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This is the best kept secret on Catalina Island! My friend surprised me one day with a photo shoot. Somehow my bestie knew that this would be the exact thing I needed to reclaim my power and feel like a beautiful and mystical siren. The mermaid tails were gorgeous quality and surprisingly really comfortable. My pictures turned out gorgeous and I really felt like a sexy, powerful, mysterious siren!

~ Britsquite

Amazing experience both on the land and in the water! Putting on the tail and swimming through the beautiful kelp forest was nothing less than magical. A dream come true! Thank you very much for the beautiful images and experience.

~ Joelle N.

CPR and First Aid

CPR and First Aid

WOW! This is the best hands down cert I’ve ever taken. I needed an EO2 certification…and decided to call around and found Ruth & Larry who offered the DAN version (far better than PADI) and a private to boot!

~ HB W.

Ruth and Larry were great! They were incredibly knowledgeable and took the time to answer all our questions. Don’t hesitate – call them to help you dive.

~ Sheri A.