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What is Concierge Diving?

Concierge Diving at Scuba by Design is a unique experience that ensures a private, no-stress, comfortable day of scuba on Catalina Island in your own time, at your own pace. Designing your own experience is part of the fun! We’re committed to cultivating diversity, equality and inclusion so everyone feels welcome and appreciated.

Because we offer only half and full-day experiences, there’s no rush to don suits, gear up and get in and out of the water before your short timeslot ends. We’re located at a beautiful marine preserve with easy shore entry. We provide everything you need from shade, top-notch gear and tasty lunches to photographers and underwater scooters. We’ll set it all up and break it all down too.

Private Guides and Instructors

Private Guides and Instructors

Too often separate groups that have vastly different skillsets and interests are combined for a guided scuba dive. It’s stressful and frustrating for everyone, whether it’s because you’re an experienced diver or fresh out of certification.

If diving is a new passion:

  • Maybe you’re still working on buoyancy and would like some tips and tricks for that smooth glide.
  • Maybe you need some help with managing your gear.
  • Maybe you have some anxiety about diving somewhere new and remembering all those skills.
  • Maybe some adaptive services would be helpful to ensure your unique needs are met.

If you have a lot of dives under your belt:

  • Maybe a dive is shortened because someone went through air quickly or needed longer to descend.
  • Maybe you have most of your own gear and are ready to just get in the water.
  • Maybe you’re a photographer and want to pause and take pictures while someone else wants to see more of the Casino Point Dive Park in one go.
  • Maybe you’re looking forward to spending some time at the deeper wrecks, but others on your dive have a different certification level.

When you dive with us, you have an experienced, highly qualified local instructor as your private guide for the day who makes sure you can just relax and enjoy some fun in the sun. Why waste your air looking for the good stuff when we can take you straight there?

Your Own Spot  at  the Park

No more searching for a spot to squeeze in between other dive groups or worrying about valuables walking away.

We arrive early with tents for shade, chairs, tables, and rubber mats to stand on.  You’ll have privacy for changing, locked storage for your valuables and fresh water to rinse off both you and your gear.

We have a cooler with ice to keep snacks, drinks and medications cold and provide coffee or tea, cold water and options for catered lunches during your surface interval.

Your Own Spot  at  the Park
Gear & Accessories

Gear & Accessories

We have multiple options available to assist you in the practical aspects of scuba diving including a wide variety of sizes and mobility items. We provide only new, quality high-end gear that we either use ourselves or would recommend for purchase. If you like what you’re using, ask us about purchase options or drop-shipping.

Go-Pro cameras are available for rental or use by a photographer to capture your memories. Light, hand-held underwater scooters allow you to zoom around the Park and coast through the stunning kelp forests. High-lumen flashlights are provided for night dives.

We go above and beyond to ensure that all gear is thoroughly cleaned and sanitized to the highest standards after each use. If we wouldn’t wear or use it, you won’t either.

If you prefer a new mouthpiece for your rental regulator, please just let us know and we’ll switch it out immediately. Reef-safe hand sanitizer and fresh rinse water (instead of a soaking bucket) are available for your convenience and instead of using saliva in your mask, we provide defog. All of these are available on-site, every day.

Please contact us if you have unique needs and we’ll make every effort to accommodate you.

Logistics & Things to Do

We offer local travel arrangement assistance too.  Just give us a call and we’ll help you choose where to stay and figure out which transportation options best fit your needs.

Looking for things to do for non-divers or young children? Avalon has lots to do from mini-golf to glass-bottom boats and bison tours of the island’s interior.

Need some restaurant recommendations? We’ll happily share our favorites from fine-dining, fresh local seafood, burgers and fries or even hidden gems preferred by locals.

Whatever you need to make your visit to Catalina Island
an amazing end-to-end experience – we’re here to make it happen!

Concierge scuba diving - Logistics & Things to Do