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Our Environmental Commitment

Our Commitment to Ocean Sustainability

We can make a difference for ocean protection every time we dive. Everything we do is centered around sustainability. Whether it’s reducing our impact by making sure our products and gear are eco-friendly or joining in ocean conservation efforts, we take our personal responsibility as divers seriously.

As divers, we all share a deep connection with the ocean. We are proud to be both a Green Fins Member and a PADI 100% AWARE Partner. Each time we issue a certification, a donation goes to PADI AWARE in support of their vision for a future where the ocean no longer needs protecting.

We include conservation education into all of our briefings whether it’s for a class or a guided experience.  We also offer an exclusive Discover Scientific Diving experience for certified divers that’s a fun introduction to Citizen Science. At the end of your day with us, you can also earn a PADI AWARE Specialist certification. Even uncertified friends and family can participate!

We all make choices every day, and we can choose to be more eco-conscious as well.

Our Gear

We want to provide the highly quality gear possible. We won’t give you gear to use that we wouldn’t recommend for purchase. That said, there are a lot of great brands out there and some of them have more sustainable practices than others. We’ve even signed on as a dealer/ reseller for some of them for just that reason!

The vendors we’ve chosen have taken many steps toward sustainability. Things that matter, including using 100% recyclable materials in construction or completely revamped packaging for zero-waste.

Gear & Accessories
Scuba by Design Products and Accessories

Our Products

When you get something with our logo on it, know that we made choices there too.

All of our mask straps have recyclable neoprene covers – plus they’ll keep dropped masks from getting lost and creating more ocean debris in our Marine Protected Area.

Our business cards are 100% recycled (and recyclable) PET. T-shirts (on the way!) are recycled organic cotton. Even the stickers are the most durable we could find (so they won’t peel off and create more waste) and are made with recyclable BOPP.


Our Actions

We participate in local cleanups often and even provide mesh bags for use during your dives with us, just in case you see something in our beautiful preserve that shouldn’t be there. (And we check to make sure there aren’t any creatures living in bottles or cans.)

We’ve also adopted our dive site as part of the PADI AWARE Adopt the Blue Program.

You’ll find cans to separate waste at our setup area, and we take it out for proper recycling or disposal at the end of the day.

Our local catering partner (Café Metropole) provides organic food and only uses recyclable packaging and containers for delivery. Take a look at the choices on our custom menu for your surface interval.

Adopt the blue
Avalon Harbor Underwater Cleanup - Ocean Sustainability

Avalon Harbor Underwater Cleanup

Every year the Avalon Harbor Underwater Cleanup attracts more than 600 volunteer divers who collect trash and debris. It’s the only time scuba diving is allowed in Avalon Harbor. It’s also a fundraiser for our USC Hyperbaric Chamber, the Avalon Rotary Club Foundation and Avalon Beautiful’s Casino Point Dive Park improvement project.  

Dive Against Debris is a PADI AWARE program that encourages each of us to “Make Every Dive a Survey Dive”. They also sponsor and participate in larger cleanup efforts like our Underwater Cleanup.

We teach the AWARE Dive Against Debris specialty certification and you can include it as part of your day of diving with us or earn it during the next Cleanup!