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Underwater Video Memories

It’s always a beautiful day under the water at the Casino Point Dive Park!

Want to record your experiences? While we’re happy to take pictures on land with your phones, we also offer GoPro camera rentals and videographer services. It’s up to you!

We provide macro and green water filters to help you get the best underwater video images. The flip filter lets you use the macro lens to capture the details of the tiniest nudibranchs and the green water filter color correction works best in our waters (instead of the standard red one).

Imagine sharing underwater video of you with our Giant Black Sea Bass in the background!  Don’t forget to angle your camera up to capture the rays of light filtering down through the canopy of the kelp forest – it’s really a beautiful shot! Your instructor will point out spots that make for the best photos too.

California Moray Eel
Spanish Shawl Nudibranch
Two-spot Octopus

Guided Diving

Certified divers can choose to rent a GoPro to record your group. However, if you’re a newer diver we recommend requesting a videographer.


  • Sometimes we get mono-focused on our photography and forget about buoyancy and checking air gauges.
  • If your buoyancy isn’t dialed in, your images will be blurry and that’s no fun at all!

Discover Scuba Diving

During your PADI Discover Scuba Diving Experience, neither you nor your instructor is permitted to use any kind of recording device for safety reasons. Our whole focus is on you! 

  • If your party is all uncertified divers, you can request a videographer.
  • If you have certified friends joining you, a rental GoPro is an option for them to use.

When you make your reservation, please indicate that you would like to rent a GoPro or request a videographer.

Pricing Options

Rent a GoPro

  • $75 per day (for certified diver use only)
  • You will not be charged until the day of your activity.
  • Includes a housing, hand mount and memory card with protective case to take home.

Request a Videographer

  • $200 per dive (based on availability)
  • Please contact us closer to the date of your dive to determine if a videographer is available. If so, the videographer’s time will be booked, and you will be charged $200.
  • If you have reserved a videographer for a dive and the booking has been confirmed with the videographer, no refund will be given for that cost if you choose to cancel within 72 hours of your activity.